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Is Your Front Office Helping or Hurting Your School Enrollment?
Simple communication tips for your school’s front-line recruiters

How do your visitors feel when they enter your school’s front office? Do they feel valued? How successful is your office staff at prioritizing the positive impressions and first-class customer service they give to your office visitors? Your school’s front office staff plays a remarkable, yet sometimes overlooked role in student enrollment. Quality customer service helps your enrollment. Period. Poor customer service, failing to meet your customer’s expectations, hurts your enrollment. 

Here are some simple ways your school’s office personnel can contribute positively to your student enrollment efforts.

Parent Engagement
Ideas that bring parents to your school

Do you ever feel like your school public relations plan is missing something? Take a look at your school-parent community partnership. How often do your students’ families come to your school? Do they have reasons to look forward to their time on your campus? 

They Will Come For Them
Tapping into your students’ ability to market your school and engage parents

Successful schools communicate to their parents and students that they are part of a team, not just observers whose presence matters very little. If you inspire a student with a school program, activity, initiative, etc., your efforts will be multiplied by their enthusiasm to the get the word out to their family and friends. Increased parent engagement through your students is a crucial part of successful school public relations and marketing.

School Public Relations: Do You See It?
Educators and parents working together magnifies student success and your school's PR

As a school administrator entrusted with the education of youth and fostering a positive school brand to current and potential families, your job is not easy. Take comfort in the reality that powerful components for your school’s success already exist in your school—the valuable relationship of teachers and parents. 

Don't Let Jargon Monoxide Poison Your School Communications
Part 2: How to Filter Out the Jargon

To be an effective educator, you must be a good communicator. To be a good communicator, you must break your messages down into their simplest form and change the way you talk about programs and educational systems. Let’s commit to replacing jargon with more relatable language and compelling, authentic stories.

Don't Let Jargon Monoxide Poison Your School Communications
Part 1: How Edu-speak May Be Killing Your Message

Vacant expressions, glazed eyes, confusion—these are all classic side effects of “jargon monoxide” poisoning. 

As academics and education professionals, there are terms and phrases that you use on a daily basis to which you possess a much deeper understanding than others outside educational circles.

School Communication Best Practices: 13 Tips for Newsletters
Are your parents getting the message?

As a parent in a busy family, the greatest struggle I face is getting the messages sent from schools. Our children attend high school, junior high, elementary, and preschool. As you can see, staying au courant in our home is no small feat. So, if you can get my attention, then you’re really doing something right.

The One-Stop School Communications Tool
How to Manage Your District and School Calendars

As school marketers, we sometimes become distracted by all the wonderful tools we have at our disposal—the website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and whatever the next new social media trend will be—that we sometimes don’t give one of the most efficient tools in our arsenal the attention it deserves. I’m talking about your district and school calendars. 

How to Engage and Connect with Busy Parents
Incorporating a visual approach to your school marketing plan

As a mother of six with a husband whose job transfers us often, my school loyalties don’t come easily anymore. While others feel tied to local schools, we have changed schools enough that we don’t connect to schools because of traditions or histories of excellence. 

Imagery is a timeless form of communication that engages audiences in various ways. Whether you recognize it yet or not, seeking to increase your use imagery as part of your school marketing is important, easy, and effective. Let’s look at the value of concrete imagery, such as pictures either on a printed page or screen

The School Marketer's Dilemma
To Blog or Not To Blog

Blogging shouldn’t seem like a new fandangled idea any more, especially as you delve into your position as school marketer. You might be hearing about it in conference sessions, in articles about school social media impact, or from other education blogs. 

Blogging for schools is not a new concept, that’s for sure. The question school marketers should be asking themselves is, "to blog or not to blog?" 

You Won't Believe What Happened When I Rang the Bell for Service
How Excellent Customer Service Translates to Marketing for Your School

Right as I rang the bell, a concierge walked around the corner. The bell wasn’t a simple ding… It was a long, drawn out doorbell tune that played up a scale and then back down. I grimaced and looked at the concierge’s face to see if I had annoyed her by ringing the bell—I could just imagine how hearing that tune every day may grate on her nerves.

Can you believe it? She wasn’t even a little annoyed that I had rung that bell just as she appeared.

Red Ribbon Week
School Marketing at It's Easiest

October is Red Ribbon Month, and schools typically celebrate Red Ribbon Week during the last week of October. This year, Red Ribbon Week is October 23–31. Whether your school pulls out all the stops for Red Ribbon Week or you’re throwing together a last-minute plan, don’t miss the opportunity to market your school. 

School Marketing Tips and Tricks
Using Testimonials to Grow Enrollment

Whether you’re managing school marketing for a public or private school, chances are you would like to grow your enrollment. More than a monetary investment, your school is an investment of time and trust for the families you serve. So what better way to show other parents what a great school you have than to let them hear it from other parents?

Meaningful Social Media for Schools
Tips for School Social Media Managers Dealing with Local Disaster

This month our social media team reminded us that school social media can (and should!) be so much more than the same old, tired news post or calendar reminder on our social media streams. With a little extra investment and the courage to be personal, schools can turn their social media into a truly unifying force with their overall community.

Storytelling: Your School's Secret Weapon for Successful Marketing
How it Influences Your School Marketing and Why

Telling school stories that inspire, excite, entertain, and encourage your school community is at the heart of successful school marketing. Stories educate, inspire, and entertain us. They carry with them underlying themes connecting us to the organization and people involved. Storytelling and its scientific background affirms its relevance as a powerfully simple tool in school branding. Let’s look at how you can use this tool in your school

Effectively Communicating the Value of Our Schools
“Spotlight My School” PARSS Conference Winner and Other Examples of Effective School Marketing

Recently, our CEO, Bonnie Leedy, was invited to be a guest presenter at the annual conference for the Pennsylvania Association of Rural and Small Schools (PARSS). To help schools grow accustomed to recognizing and talking about the wonderful things that take place amid the “daily grind,” we asked participating PARSS administrators to submit a story about a time they successfully shared what was going on at their schools with the community. We chose one lucky winner to receive a copy of the Marketing Your School toolkit. 

Being the School of Choice in Your Community
Use school social media to stand out

School choice doesn’t have to mean declining enrollment for public schools. In fact, public schools can thrive in a school choice environment.

Arizona has the highest percentage of students in charter school than any other state in the nation; our public schools face strong competition with the many private and charter school options available. Here is a true story from Judy Bittner, our Lead Project Coordinator showing how social media marketing can make a difference in a school choice environment. 

6 Things People Actually Want to See on Your Social Media Pages
Connect with and entertain your audience

 A strategic communications plan for your social media can improve relationships with parents, build trust, and encourage engagement. When it comes to school communication, parents want important information such as events and meetings, policy changes, and news that affects the education of their child. However, this is information better suited for e-mails, newsletters, and the school website.

Claiming Your School Brand
Simple principles to help you discover, evaluate, and strengthen your school brand

Don't give your power away by allowing others to define your school for you. Claim your school’s brand for future, current, and prospective students and faculty.  

Facing Negativity
6 Tips for Handling Your School's Reputation Online

How do you envision the impact of negative comments on your community’s perception of your school? In this blog, we’ll provide some informative tips to help you take action to protect your school’s reputation online via your school blogs, website, social media, or other online site.  

Inspiration Corner: School Marketing Tips
Video marketing ideas from Australian private schools

Whether or not it’s a conscious effort, we seek to imitate people we admire or view as successful. This carries over into the business world as well. While careful not to infringe on anyone’s copyrights, we look to others for inspiration. When you undertake a website design, do you look at other school websites to see what they are doing? So how about seeking inspiration for your school marketing approach too? 

School Marketing Road Map to Success
The fast road to achieving your school communication goals

If you’re hashing out marketing and school public relations on your own, then a full-blown strategic communications plan can feel overly complicated and time-consuming. Sometimes looking at complex processes in different ways can help with understanding and executing and, thereby, simplifying the process. In this blog, let’s look at your school marketing plan like a roadmap—complete with simple, stops along the way to help you reach your goal.

Stellar School Branding
School marketing tips for creating a brand that's out of this world

The term “brand” is much more than a logo or school motto, and it encompasses much more than your school letterhead and newsletters. Your brand is an image that includes the ideals that you want to promote to your enrolled families, prospective families and visitors, and the community at large. A distinctive brand can be one of your school’s most valuable communication assets, especially in this time of school choice and open enrollment.

5 Ways School Marketing Will Pay Off by the End of the Year

Benefits are a huge motivator. And whether we realize it or not, much of our day-to-day actions are motivated by benefits. School marketing has incredible benefits such as approval, trust, investment, support, involvement. These benefits are worth your time at least a few hours every week.

Lay the Groundwork for Marketing Your School

Foundations are essential for buildings, organizations, relationships, and yes, marketing plans. 

As we make our resolution to market our school, the first step I suggest is aligning your school values to your school marketing agenda. Because this is such an essential marketing tip, I’d like to help you with this step. Let’s work together to lay the groundwork for marketing your school by defining your school values, mission, and stakeholders.