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PR4 Schools is a division of School Webmasters, LLC. This division helps schools put public relations and marketing strategies into actual practice for our School Webmasters' clients by providing on-site communications coordinators at the schools. One of the primary tools our communications coordinators use is the Marketing Your School calendar/workbook toolkit available here.

This Marketing Your School toolkit is an compilation of years of knowledge and expertise in helping schools improve their communications and marketing strategies. With this extensive background, we've gathered many resources and experiences into a handy desktop toolkit that combines a calendar and workbook with extensive websites resources. You'll have all the tools you need right at your fingertips and hundreds of school marketing ideas. You can get started immediately, no matter how little or how extensive your experience in school marketing, you'll be using this toolkit for years to come.

If your school simply can't afford to hire public relations and marketing support, this is the resource for you. For only $279, anyone who wants to implement effective school marketing or just needs to improve school communications will find that this must-have resource will bring them years of practical, actionable plans.

School Webmasters has been serving schools since 2003, providing beautiful, responsive websites as well as the daily school website management, social media strategies, ADA website compliance, and public relations support for our hundreds of school customers. To learn more about our website and social media services, we hope you'll visit us to learn more by calling 888.750.4556 or e-mail us at