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School Marketing Toolkit

It’s not enough to just have a great school. You have to let people know yours is the best school for their child and why. Marketing your school can be a challenging year-round task and is one of those projects that can best be tackled one step at a time. 

Marketing Textbook

This calendar/workbook is packed with the right information to implement an effective marketing strategy for your school without any prior training. Whether you are a public relations pro or a newbie at marketing communications, this is the perfect solution for you.

Step-by-Step Calendar

We've packed our marketing calendar with 50 weeks of training, tips, and strategies. You can select what works best for your school needs or go day by day through each week in order. Either way, you'll make steady progress toward your marketing and communication goals. Plus, so you can begin immediately, we'll give you 30-day access to an electronic version of the calendar so you don't have to wait on the mail to get started!

BONUS: Online Resources!

In addition to this strategy-packed workbook, you’ll receive access to our secured companion website with hundreds of additional resources like survey forms, templates, checklists, project plans, resource links, example content, and spreadsheet samples for your immediate use. You will have everything you need to take your school marketing and public relations to the next level. Get more than 50 weeks of school marketing ideas you can apply immediately. Place your order today and you'll also receive a personal login to all of the companion resources on our members only website.

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About Us

The Marketing Your School toolkit is a culmination of years of knowledge and expertise by the pros at School Webmasters. Now they are sharing their know-how with all schools to help them improve their communications and marketing strategies.

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